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Belotero® Soft is a formula intended for superficial injection to correct fine lines and wrinkles. Belotero® Soft is optimized for deep skin re-hydration due to its excellent cohesive and water binding capacities. Belotero® Soft is indicated for fine lines (such as crow´s feet and perioral lines).

The pack consists of:

  • 1x1ml syringes
  • 2x30G 1/2” needles

Intended for

  • Deep skin re-hydration
  • Correction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Cohesive and water binding capacities
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Manufacturer : Merz Pharmaceuticals
Active Substance(s) : Hyaluronic acid
Strength : 20mg/ml
Pack Size : 1x1ml prefilled syringe
Accessories : Package insert, 2x30G 1/2” needles, 2 traceability labels.

Where can I get Belotero Soft?
BELOTERO® SOFT is available is a dermal filler that can smooth the look of wrinkles and improve skin texture, and you can order authentic BELOTERO® SOFT online from the IDC website or by giving us a call at 800.208.5074. Take advantage of our competitive wholesale discounts today!

What does this Belotero Soft come with?
One prefilled 1ml syringe, Two 30G ½” needles, Two traceability labels, Package Insert

What are the benefits of Belotero Soft?
Belotero Soft is an injectable, viscoelastic and sterile gel that is able to penetrate deeply into the skin to access the lines and wrinkles. It produces several benefits like skin rejuvenation and fine lines. It also provides end results of a smooth and re-touched face with fewer visible lines and creases. Belotero Soft also features a water-binding capacity that is able to provide an enhanced skin hydration by acting as a skin booster, which helps the face look younger and fresher.

What is Belotero Soft made of?
The Belotero Soft is made of cross-linked sodium hyaluronate.  It has been developed with an advanced HA-technology that provides it with a range of lifting capacities, which can make the skin look better and appear younger. This product is also offered with Lidocaine.

How does Belotero Soft work to help my patients?
Belotero Soft helps to replace the symptoms and signs of aging. It helps to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and lines on the face. It also restores facial volume and at the same time, re-hydrates the skin to make it look smoother and softer. It has the ability to join a range of lifting capacities that comes with an excellent skin integration.

How do I use Belotero Soft?
The filler is injected through a very fine 30G needle into the upper dermis. Two treatments are recommended per year. Since Belotero Soft is a dermal filler treatment, it will take 30 minutes to be injected into the dermal tissues.

What can I use it for?
Belotero Soft helps to smooth and re-touch the visibility of lines and creases on the face. It is able to act as a skin booster and is great for situations where patients are looking for a way to reduce fine lines, like crow´s feet and perioral lines. It is made for the purposes of deep re-hydration and fine line correction.

Why should I use Belotero Soft?
Belotero Soft is used for those, who are looking to update their looks into something more refreshing without any visible signs. It is great for patients, who have become concerned with the lines and wrinkles that they see.

Who is Belotero Soft intended for?
Belotero Soft has the ability to reduce the symptoms and signs of the process of natural aging. It is perfect for patients, who want to clear and smooth out the lines and wrinkles that are visible on their faces. It works on decreasing the visibility of lines and creases around the mouth and forehead. By hydrating the surface of the skin, it ends up giving the skin a youthful and fresh look.

What are the side effects?
Belotero Soft contains safe, biocompatible and biodegradable ingredients. After treatment is done, patients might feel several reactions at the injection site that include swelling, redness and slight bruising. The side effects usually disappear within a week.


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